High-Standard Stainless Steel Kitchen Equipment Supplier

Your business’s success starts in the kitchen. Equip your restaurant, bakery, or café with high-quality food service equipment from a trusted supplier in the Philippines.

MJD Industries, Inc. is a supplier of industrial kitchen equipment to food industry businesses in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

High-Quality Commercial
Cooking Equipment

Get all the cooking equipment your chef needs to whip up delicious menus that will make your business take off. Our company carries professional-grade ovens, washers, and refrigerators from renowned brands like Rational, Fagor, and Irinox. Looking for professional dough and food mixers? We’re proud to offer our very own MJD Bake Plus bakery equipment.

Custom Fabrication

Turn to our experienced team for your fabrication needs. We design and customize commercial kitchen equipment according to your specifications.

Kitchen Equipment Maintenance

Keep your food fresh and your cooking on schedule by calling our team to perform repairs and maintenance on your burners, freezers, and other equipment.

Our Services

Our services don’t end with steel equipment fabrication. After almost two decades of manufacturing and supplying commercial food service equipment to small businesses and large franchises, we’ve also honed our expertise in the following:


Ensure your kitchen staff’s safety and get the most out of your investment by ensuring all your gas-dependent and high-voltage cooking equipment is correctly installed.


Our commercial kitchen equipment consultants are available to discuss your current and future commercial kitchen equipment needs.


MJD Industries, Inc. provide food equipment service and trained technicians with the expertise to repair all kinds of restaurant equipment.

Precision and Excellence in Commercial Kitchen Equipment Fabrication

Whether you’re starting a food service business or looking to improve your establishment’s current kitchen set-up, MJD Industries, Inc. can provide the stainless steel kitchen equipment materials and fabrication services you need. We have specialists for planning and design, transport and installation, and everything in between. Learn more about our company and find out why choosing us is one of the wisest business decisions you can make.

Our Brands

Bring your menu to life by putting together a well-equipped kitchen in your restaurant, cafe, or bakery.

The kitchen is the heart of any food service business. It’s also where the majority of your investment will likely go. For your business to take off, you need to equip your kitchen with high-performance appliances that can keep up with your customers’ demand.

Get industrial-grade equipment that enables your chef and kitchen staff to prepare your signature dishes efficiently. View our brands and product lines of high-quality freezers, bakery equipment, and electric and gas ranges.  


We strive to deliver quality, performance, and longevity to your business. Browse our website and view the high-caliber brands we carry. From our offices in Makati, Cebu, and Davao, we can supply commercial kitchen equipment anywhere in the Philippines.





MJD Industries, Inc. is a supplier of industrial kitchen and laundry equipment in the Philippines whom you can trust. With our help, you can make your mark in our country’s food service industry


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