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Our company was established in 2001 in Davao City as WESTERN V FOOD EQUIPMENT REPAIR AND SERVICES. We provided professional services such as planning, designing, custom fabrication of stainless steel food service equipment, installation, and preventive maintenance of kitchen equipment for hotels, restaurants, fast food chains, commissaries, dietary kitchens, and coffee shops.

Because of WESTERN V’s uncompromising quality standards of service, our company was able to acquire large contracts and projects in Visayas, Mindanao, and Metro Manila.

Expansion to Cebu

On January 2006, due to the increasing demand for food service equipment services in the Visayas and Metro Manila regions, Mr. Donald B. Dumalag, the owner, decided to relocate its main office to Mandaue City, Cebu. He also changed the company’s name to MJD Engineering and Services. This is to accommodate more projects, accept the request of existing clients in Cebu, and access to other key cities in the region. Our goals, however, remained:

• To work for and satisfy the varying demands of various clientele.

• To work with architects, engineers, consultants, and designers working on food service-oriented projects.

• To perform complementary tasks, specifically the design and fabrication of custom made stainless steel food service kitchen equipment.

• To secure our clients’ satisfaction.

All these aptly describe the typical activities of the MJD ENGINEERING AND SERVICES.

Expansion to Manila

Last July 2014, due to the growth of the company and with the increasing demands to cater to the importation of kitchen and laundry equipment, Mr. Dumalag made a strategic decision to relocate the business from Cebu City to a new business address in Makati City to accommodate more projects in Metro Manila and the rest of Luzon. We also developed a new venture: the importation of kitchen and laundry equipment brands and change the company name to MJD Industries Inc.

Today, the corporation supplies the equipment needs of hotels, restaurants, bakeries, and laundry shops all over the country. We also offer professional design, consultancy, and after-sales services to all our valued customers.


We aim to be present throughout food service industry by delivering high standard and professional service, providing high quality products that fit the needs of our valued customers nationwide.


To be the leader in kitchen equipment industry and to become a successful organization that provides opportunity to contribute to the society. 

Our Company Logo

A logo is representative of a company’s beginnings and goals. MJD Industries, Inc. developed this logo to signify not only our company’s roots but also the services we offer to clients. 

Our Name

“MJD” represents the names of our founders, Mr. and Mrs. Donald and Mary Jean Dumalag. It is a fitting name for a company that began as a local enterprise managed by its hardworking husband-and-wife team.

The Dot

The stylized dot on top of the letter “J” is made up of components that represent our company’s services:

• Red – It represents ‘hot air’ which always stays on top, as it signifies cooking
and baking of our catering and bakery equipment that yields heat and fire.

• Blue – It represents ‘cold air’ which always stays at the bottom, as it signifies
cooling and freezing of our refrigeration and cold storage equipment that
yields cold and water.

• The Bubble – Found at the red dot, represents ‘soapy air’ which comes up
during washing period, as it signifies cleaning, washing and drying of our
laundry and dishwashing equipment that yields soap bubbles.

• Silver – A curve line that connects the hot air (red) and cold air (blue). It
represents the stainless steel customized fabrication which completes the
installation of the kitchen between cooking and refrigeration units. The
curve connotes for the special design of the stainless steel based on the
kitchen design and area.

The Background

The red panel is a play on luck. Knowing, however, that success doesn’t rely only on chance, we balanced out the color with an equally striking black backdrop.

We chose a background that evokes simplicity, but never invisibility. As a service provider, we are straightforward in providing quality products and services, but we stand out because of our commitment to provide our clients the best.

Certifications & Permits

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