Commercial Dishwashing Machines

Choose dishwashing machines that can keep up with the flurry of activities in your commercial kitchen. MJD Industries Inc.presents a line of powerful dishwashing machines that can keep up with the demands of both hot and cold kitchens. Fitted with a reliable heating element and robust spray arms, the machines effectively remove food particles, grease, and grime from your dishware. They’re built for prolonged and frequent use,churning out clean glassware, pots and pans, and plates, all day long.

MJD Industries Inc. enjoys a solid reputation as a dishwashing machine supplier in the Philippines, thanks to our extensive range of commercial-grade dishwashers that enable kitchen operations to continue smoothly.

By taking care of the dishwashing, our machines free up your staff’s time to focus on more important and labor-intensive parts of BOHoperations: cooking and plating mouthwatering dishes for your patrons.
Our commercial dishwashers help you serve rich dishes on spotlessdinnerware. Explore our selection of dishwashing machines today.

Made for the Busiest Kitchens

Apart from providing superior dishwashing performance, our commercial dishwashing machinessupport the BOH by:

  • Using Less Time– Designed for commercial kitchens, where every second counts, our dishwashing machines wash and rinse kitchenware quickly, so the staff never runs out of clean dishes to use, allowing the stream of activities to continue, uninterrupted.
  • Saving Energy– Keep your energy bills at a minimum by choosing energy-efficient dishwashers. These machines use only the adequate amount of energy to clean dinnerware, without compromising cleaning performance. 
  • SupportingSanitation– With cleaning water heated to an optimal temperature and ejectedby powerful spray arms, the dishware is not only free fromfood particles; they are also sanitized and clean enough to contain food.
  • Keeping Up with Your Staff–Our dishwashers are built to run several cycles of washing and rinsing, so they can match the demand of your BOH.

Choose MJD Industries Inc. as Your Dishwashing Machine Supplier

Here at MJD Industries Inc., we supply Italian-made commercial dishwashers from FAGO to food businesses in the Philippines. These products are made to meet the everyday demands of your fast-paced kitchen. Here’s why:

  • Fast and Efficient Its ALC100 rack washer has a two-speed rack movement that can accommodate up to 100 racks an hour, so your customers won’t be left waiting around to get their dishes and drinks.
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  • Customizable and Hygienic The AT1160 programmable hood-type washer has three washing cycles to choose from. Plus, its THERMLOCK system ensures that every rinsing cycle starts at 85 degrees Celsius, which helps eliminate disease-causing bacteria.
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  • Easy to Use Using ATA’s B20 glass washer is a breeze to use. Just pop your glasses in in the basket, close the door, turn it on, and you’ll have a clean batch ready to go in minutes. It only uses 1.7 liters of water for each cycle too, so you don’t have to worry about high water bills.

Robust After-Sales Support

Our work doesn’t stop at being a commercial dishwashing machine supplier in the Philippines. We also provide:
    • Consultation– If you need advice on the right dishwashing machine for your kitchen, turn to MJD Industries Inc. We’ll review your budget, the types of dinnerware that your kitchen uses, and the quantity of kitchenware you use,as well as the space you allocate for the machine. We’ll recommend a machine that best fits your needs.
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    • Installation–No need to call a separate team to install your dishwashing machine. MJD Industries Inc. installs your unit quickly and effectively. We conduct our work priotizing minimal disruption, so your BOH operations would continue uninterrupted.
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    •  Maintenance – Keep your dishwashing machine in working condition with thorough maintenance services. We closely inspect the unit to uncoverissues and fix them promptly. Our team also ensures that the dishwashing machine is free from dirt that would hamper its performance.
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    • Repair– There’s no room for downtime in a kitchen, which is why we offer speedy repair services. We fix everything from broken latches to leaks and prevent future problems from developing down the road.

Exceeding Expectations

Our end of the deal doesn’t stop once we’ve supplied you the dishwashing machine you need. Our experienced team can help you install it correctly. The specialists also test the equipment rigorously to make sure you won’t run into any problems when using them.

If you need to make your process more efficient, we also offer design consultations in the Philippines. Our layout artists are well-versed in creating plans that make your kitchen processes flow smoother.

We can help you extend the life of your equipment. Call us for repairs, and we’ll send technicians to work on them immediately. Our staff also does preventive maintenance and provide advice on how to care for your equipment.

Looking for equipment that fit a specific need? We also offer custom kitchen equipment fabrication for stainless tables, rack shelves, trolleys, sink, trench drain, grease trap, etc.

We go above and beyond supplying and fabricating kitchen appliances and tools. From installation to maintenance, you can count on us to make sure all your kitchen equipment needs are met.

Get in touch today for more information.