Food Packaging Machines

Keep your products fresh and reduce labor costs at the same time. MJD Industries is Elegen’s official partner and distributor of food packaging machnes. Elegen food packaging machines provide an efficient way to prolong the good quality of your products. Equip your business with machines that extend the food’s storage life, thereby making them well suited for cold display storage.

Why Vacuum Packaging?

Vacuum packaging for food eliminates oxygen in the food and its package, creating a safe environment that suppresses the proliferation of aerobic organisms. This solution guarantees long-term product preservation. At the same time, vacuum food packaging preserves the flavor, aroma, and nutritional properties of the food, maintaining their moisture levels to leave them soft and juicy until consumption.

MJD Industries Inc. recognizes the critical role good packaging plays in meeting your business’ objectives. That’s why we supply equipment that satisfies needs of our valued customers for reliability, performance , value for money and quality of output.

We supply different types of food packaging machines for meat, cooked food and others. The available model units are designed to reduce maintenance costs, increase user productivity, and achieve higher economic efficiency.

Your Partner In Business

Every day we help our clients by implementing and maintaining packaging solutions for different types of products. Vacuum packaging for food will always have different considerations: from the dimensions of the product to the scale of production.

This is where you benefit from our experience. We ask the right questions to make the best recommendations for packaging equipment.

More Than Just Machines

As a leading provider of commercial kitchen equipment in the Philippines, we aim not just to equip you with the right machines but to provide maintenance and installation services, as well. Our goal is to exceed our clients’ expectation in terms of design and installation of high-quality stainless steel kitchen equipment.
We offer the following services:

• Customization of Local Fabriction of Stainless tables, shelvings, etc.
• Kitchen design layout
• Kitchen equipment supply
• Preventive maintenance
• Consulting services
• Equipment repair and servicing

Our friendly staff is always eager to be of service. If you have concerns regarding your equipment, let us know. We also offer warranty and aftersales assistance.