Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Equipment and Supplies

Make a positive first impression on your guests and customers by providing them with impressive buffets and dishes they won’t hesitate to recommend to people they know. While there are many factors that affect the outcome of this equation — the appeal of your menu, the freshness of the raw ingredients, the skills and creativity of your line cooks, how well they prepare the food — there’s an area in which your decision will make a significant impact.

Your choice of supplier and manufacturer of hotel and restaurant equipment can make or break your catering business or the food service segment of your hotel. Choosing the right company will give you a huge business advantage.

With MJD Industries, Inc., your gains will undoubtedly contribute to your business’ success.

  • Obtain high-quality stainless steel equipment and supplies for your kitchen.
  • Get sound recommendations on design and layout from professionals.
  • Receive excellent after-sale services, such as repair and maintenance.
  • Customize equipment to meet your unique needs.
  • Improve your kitchen’s overall efficiency.

Populate Your Kitchen with Equipment from MJD Industries, Inc.

Whether you’re only just starting your hotel and restaurant or catering business or already in the thick of accommodating customers, MJD Industries, Inc. can provide invaluable service in the form of high-quality equipment.

Our company has been customizing and supplying commercial, stainless steel kitchen equipment to hotels and food service business in the country since 2001. From the very beginning, we’ve worked hard to become the company that business owners in the hospitality and food service industry turn to for their kitchen needs.

Today, we are a trusted hotel kitchen equipment supplier and manufacturer in the Philippines. We have offices in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao; you can depend on us to provide your business with quality cooking equipment, whenever and wherever you need it.

Choose us as your preferred hotel kitchen equipment supplier, and enjoy benefits that contribute to your bottom line.

Western V by MJD Industries, Inc.

Look no further for a brand that meets the industry’s standard for quality and performance. MJD Industries, Inc. is proud to present Western V, our company’s range of commercial catering equipment. 

Our product line features various cooking and food preparation appliances:

  • Gas deep fryer and burner
  • Warmer carts
  • Griller and griddle
  • French hot plate oven
  • Soup kettle
  • Industrial-grade slicer
  • Braising pan
  • Mixer
  • Blender

Choosing Western V also gives you a prime advantage: you can customize appliance units to meet the requirements of each station in your kitchen. Our specialists will help you maximize the use of your kitchen layout. More importantly, they’ll assemble the equipment in a way that promotes harmony and efficiency when your line cooks are hard at work.

We share your goal of making your kitchen highly functional and efficient. Our line of hotel restaurant and catering equipment will be worth your investment.

Our After-Sales Services

Make every penny you invested in your kitchen equipment count. Let us handle your fabrication and equipment supply needs, and you’ll also enjoy after-sales services only a few kitchen equipment distributors in the Philippines can offer.  

Our interest in your business’ success doesn’t end when we deliver the equipment you ordered. We will still be available should you need any of the following:

  • Equipment Repairs – Get your equipment working again as quickly as possible so you can avoid losses in your daily sales.
  • Routine Maintenance and Preventive Measures – Don’t wait for your equipment to break down before calling our repair team. With regular maintenance, your expensive kitchen equipment may outlive its service life.
  • New Customizations and Installations – Upgrade and expand when the right time comes. Call us, and let’s discuss your unique fabrication and installation needs.

Drop by our offices in Makati, Cebu, or Davao, and talk to our consultants about your plans for your hotel restaurant or catering business.