Behind every superior kitchen or laundry room layout is a superior design plan — the product of a collaboration between MJD Industries Inc. and our clients.

Our professional commercial kitchen design consultants possess experience in real-world restaurant operations. They know what makes a kitchen and bar not just “great,” but the best support for hospitality settings of different scales.

Our client scope spans the Philippines. We love how remarkably diverse they are: small and large, public and private, non-profit and for-profit. We help different organizations bring their unique concepts to life while optimizing efficiency and functionality in their commercial kitchen design.

The MJD Industries Design Process: How We Do It

We offer a full suite of consultancy services for your new or improved restaurant, bar, or laundry place. Trust our commercial kitchen and laundry layout consultants to turn your ideas into productive results.

• Initial consultation. What does your commercial establishment need? Meet with us to determine the overall scope of your project and discuss your needs. Then we can provide an accurate estimate of the design and recommendations for the project.

• Layout/Design conceptualization. What’s your vision for your kitchen or laundry place? Tell us your design preferences and we’ll draw them for you. We’ll talk about colors, architecture, style and more. We’ll also discuss the mechanical requirements for plumbing, gas, and electricity.

• Space planning. Where will your new fryer go? How about the gas range? How can we fit five washing machines in a tiny space? We answer all of these during the planning. We’ll talk fitting and dimensions to ensure all your equipment fit the given space.

• Equipment specifications and budget estimation. What are the equipment you’ll need and how much will they cost? We’ll provide specifications with each item and break them down into detailed descriptions. We’ll also provide a price list for you to check.

Let us design your space. Get in touch with us today.

MJD Industries, Inc. is a stainless steel kitchen equipment supplier and fabricator in the Philippines whom you can trust. With our help, you can make your mark in our country's food service industry.