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Successful kitchen design isn’t just about randomly placed grills, fryers, and ranges.

It should include specific components organized in specific patterns to optimize efficiency and performance.

MJD Industries Inc.’s commercial kitchen design services are the perfect solution for your production cooking needs. We develop productivity-boosting, cost-effective, and safety-focused spaces so you can serve delicious meals to more customers. Commercial kitchens should prepare food for a number of people, and we know what it takes to simplify the design process.

Regardless of the type of project, trust us to create well-designed commercial kitchens that will serve as the haven for quick yet delicious meals.

What are the Components of Commercial Kitchen Design?

Every client has their own set of commercial kitchen preferences, which we aim to achieve. Regardless of your commercial kitchen design layout preferences, our plan will always have the following components:

• Cleaning/Washing. A section of your commercial kitchen that will include appliances such as washing machines, sinks, and drying racks. Necessary for washing utensils.

• Storage. We can split this area into cold storage, non-food storage, and dry storage. We can also split the non-food storage area further into a section for cleaning supplies, disposable products, and dishes.

• Food preparation. This area should come with mixing areas, cutting areas, and sinks for washing produce. We can also split this area into a section for raw food processing and food sorting.

• Meal cooking. This is where you finish your main dishes, so you’ll have large pieces of cooking equipment like ovens, fryers, and ranges.

• Service. This final section of the kitchen is where your serving staff will pick up the finished dishes. This area will have warmers for the food.

We follow a simple yet intricate design process:

• Project evaluation. During the consultation, we will establish kitchen objectives, feasibility, and criteria. We study your current kitchen or potential kitchen space to get a better layout.

• Conceptual design. We identify the kitchen flow patterns and create preliminary layouts. We also make sure to account for everything, including the utilities. Feel free to add your feedback.

• Equipment specifications. Once we’ve determined the space layout, we talk about the equipment. We supply organized, written equipment specifications, including budget proposals.

• Space planning. Which appliance/equipment should go where? Our team will plot out the spaces of your kitchen to ensure we maximize every inch for your productivity.

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