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MJD Industries Inc. is your partner in creating or re-inventing your laundry business.

When it comes to quality industrial laundry layouts, we are the name you can trust. Our extensive knowledge of the industry coupled with years of experience in designing and constructing laundry facilities ensures that we deliver the best results.

Whether your project is new construction, an expansion, or a renovation, our laundry consultants will work with you from the concept design to space planning and equipment installation. We’ve developed a design process that will meet your budget and provide value for your investment.
Let us build the laundromat of your dreams.

The MJD Industries Approach: Laundry Design Guide

The washer and dryer are not the only components of a successful laundromat. You’ll need everything during the planning phase. The laundry layout design planning starts with identifying the important components of businesses, which includes:

• Washer and dryer. We’ll determine the size of the laundry room first before we recommend washers and dryers. The floor plan dictates the size of your equipment.
• Floor and drainage. We make sure floors are concrete with a troweled finish so that water can easily slope down the floor drain. At least one floor drain is available per laundry room.
• Water heaters. Our installation team will place water heaters near your washers. Each heater will be protected by fire-rated walls.
• Lighting. Lighting is essential to improving your laundromat’s productivity. We install fluorescent lighting, which provides two times more lumens obtained from incandescent lighting.

How the MJD Industries
Process Works:

We take laundry design layouts seriously. We combine our expertise with your preference to create your dream laundromat. Our comprehensive industrial laundry design process includes the following steps:

• Laundry conceptualization. We begin our process with a Laundry Needs Assessment. The first step includes site selection, preliminary design and development, estimated timelines, project milestones, and equipment planning.
• Laundry room planning. What equipment do you need? How much space will you need? We answer these questions and more once we’ve analyzed your current space.
• Industrial equipment specifications. Once we’ve settled the layout of your establishment, we move on to equipment. We prepare equipment specifications and the potential budget of the project.
• Utility schedule. We’ll list down the utilities your equipment will require to operate. Just provide us with your specific model mix and we’ll create an organized utility schedule.
• Equipment dimensional drawing. Our dimensional drawings help any engineer, architect, or design-build professional prepare permits and equipment drawings accurately. We’ll also draw the utility requirements for your equipment.

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