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Local Kitchen Equipment Fabrication

The perfect kitchen equipment can make a difference in the success of your commercial business

That is why, Fabricated Equipment in integral to every kitchen. In order to provide a wholesome service, customization services increase the flexibility of our facilities to meet the needs of every client.

Every kitchen has its unique features and space limitation. This is where customization comes in beneficial.

Our custom kitchen fabrication and equipment services is the key ingredient to your success. We tailor stainless steel tools to optimize your productivity every step of the way. From food preparation to cooking, plating, and dishwashing, we specialize in the design and fabrication of stainless steel foodservice equipment.

Tell us about your new kitchen or renovation project, your goals, and the menu. We’ll come up with fabrication solutions that improve kitchen productivity and menu quality.

The MJD Approach: What Do We Work On?

As your trusted expert on local equipment fabrication, we easily meet the needs of our clients’ challenging projects. Thanks to our precision capabilities, we produce a wide range of products used in the food industry.

• Cooking equipment. Create wonderful meals with rust-resistant and non-reactive stainless steel cooking equipment. Let us know what you need.
• Chef counters/countertops. Prepare an endless amount of dishes on stainless steel countertops that are sleek, shiny, and durable. We’ll help you choose the right countertop.
• Work tables. Unlike the kitchen island, our work tables offer extra counter space for food preparation and getting work done around the kitchen.
• Dish tables. Gain additional space to stack extra clean dishes with a stainless steel table. We’ll customize your table according to your preferred size.
• Conveyors. We supply contemporary and high-capacity stainless steel food product conveyors for efficient distribution in the kitchen.
• Kitchen sinks. Whether it’s for a cleanup or a meal prep, a sink is a must-have for any commercial kitchen. We customize sinks according to mounting and bowl configuration.
• Wall shelves and storage cabinets. Get stainless steel kitchen cabinets for the ultimate security in storage. We customize cabinets according to counter-height and wardrobe style.
• Pot and storage racks. Organize your pots and pans easily with storage racks that are within reach. Our racks are available in different sizes.
• Serving lines and counters. Whether you need a full-service buffet spread, a rounded serving front, or a traditional liner front, we can supply the serving line you want.

Who We Serve: The Industries We Specialize In

MJD Industries Inc. has supplied custom-built stainless commercial kitchen equipment to a variety of industries. Take advantage of our experience in supplying different types of stainless steel equipment and see for yourself.

Restaurants and Cafes

From the simplest cafes to big, multi-unit restaurant chains, our team can help you find the right stainless steel kitchen equipment. From the dish sink to the prep line, our durable stainless steel equipment will serve you well.

Hotels and Resorts

Whether you offer food service, operate a restaurant, or have a small kitchen for staff use, our stainless steel kitchen installations ensure you have enough space to prepare food and clean up.

Schools and Cafeterias

You’re always cooking for hundreds of hungry children, which means time is of the essence. Stainless steel is easy to work with; you can keep it clean even during the lunch rush.

Public Service Facilities

Public establishments such as police departments, firehouses, or other institutions need the durability of stainless steel. Let our team put together custom solutions for your needs.

Food Processing Facilities

Transforming food into an exciting dish requires custom equipment. We’ll create a stainless steel solution that will save time and money without compromising quality.

MJD Industries, Inc. is a stainless steel kitchen equipment supplier and fabricator in the Philippines whom you can trust. With our help, you can make your mark in our country's food service industry.

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